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    I can't save


      I've used Adobe Livecycle to create an editable PDF. When I try to open the file in Adobe Reader, it wont let me save.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to look around LiveCycle to find the menu item to enable the file for Reader users to save it.

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            Okay, I don't understand this LiveCycle thing.  I just use the free PDF Complete download.  But, I think I am having similar problems... Am opening up a PDF document in Internet Explorer.  Two-three weeks ago I could save it with no problem.  (I think my internet security was set so that whenever I saved it, it would save it in a secure location first and then I could open it up there and resave it permanently.)  I figured that part out.  But now, since Explorer updated its software, when I try to save it, it acts like it will save it, (I can even see the path where it is supposed to save it before saving it), but when I save it, even though it looks like it is saving it, it really isn't there.   I even do a search for the file name on my computer and it is no where.   What happened?  Any ideas?


            THanks a lot!