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    Several questions on Fireworks from absolute beginner

    Aleksandr Smirnov



      At the moment I'm in the very beginning of web-designing process and I've been using Fireworks trial for several days only. Before that I've created only one website in Joomla! and that's all. I've got several questions and I would be glad if masters of Fireworks will post full answers on them.


      I've read the official manual, but didn't check any additional materials, because I feel better when learning myself with help in form of answers to concrete questions.


      Here is how I see process of making simple website in Fireworks: draw website and then make it to work. I did first part and I've prepared my website. It of course looks ugly, but I want to start from it, as I'm learning. Here it is:




      Okay, what is the next thing I should do? Right, I should slice it. And here goes the question: how should I slice my menu? I want it to be simple menu, so when you move mouse over "About me" it lightens in some other color and some content should appear in right part of this structure. How would I implement it using Fireworks? Then in what format should I export my webpage? HTML and CSS? How do I write styles in CSS through Fireworks? And final question is how can I make my website be in center of page (I've tried to add <center></center> inside "index.htm" file, but no luck)? I would also like to know what do I need to do with all images so you can't select them with mouse and move all around in your browser? How do I stick them:


      Picture 1.png


      Thanks and sorry for too many questions at one time,