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    Issue in using LCDS Data Services with  Terracotta


      We use Terracotta to share the data across multiple server application instances. We use flex frontend thereby use Adobe LCDS. When we start our application server in JBoss (which includes LCDS) as a Terracotta client,when the flex frontend connects to the data services (configured through data-management-config.xml), the first time we get the following error.

      [RPC Fault faultString="Could not initialize DataService." faultCode="Client.Initialization.Failed" faultDetail="Associations must specify one of the following relationships: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many"]

      But, the next time, if we call the same service, it works.


      Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this?

      Note: The application works fine on the first time itself if it is not a terracotta client.


      Thanks in advance.