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    Exporting an XD/SD mix project.


      Hi there, my boyfriend is currently still at work having issues exporting a HD and SD mix project from premier at good enough quality - he also then needs to burn it to DVD.


      These are the details of the project, if anyone has a solution to this a reply asap would be very much appreciated!!


      He's working in Premiere Pro CS3 (Windows XP 32-bit version) in an XDCAM 1440x1080 project using 1080p footage at 25fps and 1.33 pixel aspect ratio.   In that project he's got SD footage shot at 720x560 at 25fps interlaced at 1.422 pixel aspect ratio.


      The SD footage is converting OK-ish which is suprising, but because of mpeg2 compression from Encore (also a CS3 program) it ruins the on-screen text and titles, which are made in HD anyway so can’t work it out.


      Exporting to mpeg2 isn’t giving great results


      Making an avi as they normally do is giving poor results


      Quicktime (raw) are very large (5 GB a minute!) and only has to be compressed anyway, the pixel aspect ratios etc are also causing problems…