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    Please support Mac OS X Spaces

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      This goes for all Adobe software. Spaces has been available for 2 years and yet no update to CS3 or CS4 has improved compatibility. It's an OS feature that's not going anywhere. Adobe applications routinely open documents in two different spaces. Or the UI in one space and a file dialog box in another. It's really annoying.  I can't think of any other professional software that behaves under so poorly underspaces.

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          I'm sorry, but Adobe cannot do anything about the bugs in MacOS Spaces.

          It is entirely up to Apple to fix the bugs in Spaces.

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            Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

            Yeah Navarro its fairly easy to get around mostly - you just hit F three times, or sometimes pressing TAB just sorts the problem. So you can still use spaces with all the other non-adobe applications in the world.

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              Navarro Parker Level 3

              I appreciate a response, Chris. So what you are also saying is that all Adobe apps for PC contain no special code to handle any Windows bugs and quirks?

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                We have a lot of code on both platforms to deal with quirks and bugs.

                But Spaces is external code, way outside our control.  It's not an API we can work with - it's a separate app, tied into the OS and Window manager.

                We really can't do anything about the bugs in Spaces.

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                  Navarro Parker Level 3

                  I really do appreciate your answers, Chris. It's just I don't see this weird Spaces behavior in another other pro graphics apps except for Adobe apps. (Now granted, that's completely anecdotal. But I use all the same high end software as every other motion designer)


                  You can kinda see why I give your finger-pointing a raised eyebrow.


                  How is every other app able to avoid the same Spaces "bugs" that only appear when using CS apps?

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                    You'll have to ask Apple why some apps show the bugs and some apps don't.   Apple's code does seem to be better behaved with Cocoa based applications (aka: Apple's own apps) and less well behaved with Carbon based applications (aka: all other large applications).


                    Please note that the Adobe apps share little or no UI code, so the cause cannot be something specific to Adobe apps.


                    We've seen the same sorts of bugs in almost every non-Apple application we've tested with Spaces.

                    We've documented the bugs we found, and sent them to Apple with details.


                    Space was supposed to work as-is with all applications.  There is no API for Spaces, applications are not even supposed to know that Spaces is or is not running.  There is nothing Adobe can do to make our apps work better with Spaces -- because we don't work directly with Spaces in any way.  All these Spaces bugs are Apple's to fix.


                    I wish we could do something to help users of Spaces, but we cannot.

                    Only Apple can fix the bugs in Spaces, because only Apple has any control over Spaces.

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                      For two years now, this issue consistently happens with Adobe applications only. As a consumer, I don't want to hear excuses for coding issues from either vendor (Apple or Adobe). It's about time to fix it. Please work with Apple and make life easier on your fans/consumers.

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                        No, Space fails with many other non-Apple applications.

                        Adobe has tried to work with Apple on the issues, and is still waiting for Apple to make fixes to Spaces.

                        There is nothing more that Adobe can do to fix the bugs in Spaces.

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                          Chef Poquet-mTkrSO

                          The issue of CS4 and support for Leopard Spaces will be dealt with in great detail in the following thread:




                          I would ask all those interested in the resolution of this issue to consolidate their efforts and contribute to this thread in future. A united front would, I think, be more effective.


                          Thank you for your cooperation.