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    Deleted Global Color problem


      CS4 Mac, various OS's


      I have a file that is definitely corrupt and I was wondering if anyone knows of a workaround or if I can cut lines of code out of the AI file.


      The file has art on it and when I copy any element from it to paste it into a file even a brand new file, the art is accompanied by over 1000 colors that show up as Delete Global Color 1 all of the way through 1XXX.


      I even tried rasterizing the art before I copy into a new file but it still adds the thousand Deleted Global Colors to the new files swatches panel.


      I tried flatten transparency and it fails because it thinks there are over 27 spot colors in the artwork.


      The artwork is of curious george and a surfboard and there is maybe 8 colors in the art. It isnt a case where there are a thousand colors assigned to various unforeseen strokes or hidden layers it is definitely a problem with the files coding due to corruption.


      If anyone has seen this before or knows a workaround that would be great. If there is any way to cut lines of code out of the AI file using a coding app like bbedit please let me know.




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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          You know this might be a file that Adobe would be interested in seeing and Michael Luan is on another thread you might send him an email and ask about it, I have heard about something like this once or twice before.


          This might have been caused about a third party plug in, I would think. Do you have any such plug ins or was this file ever transmitted over the web by e-mail.


          Wait a second was it ever on a server, was it opened on from a server and then saved after working on it off of the server to a local disk instead of back to the server?


          I give you one or two suggestions.


          1. save it as a ps and distill it.


          2. Don't open it but place it in a new empty document and save it with another name.


          That is different than cutting and pasting into a new document.

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            nin9999 Level 1

            When I place the file into a new file I get an error that says Unknown imaging construct was encountered but it does place it. I also tried saving the original file as eps and then placed it and I didnt get the error after placing. I guess every file that is like this will have to be placed into a new file and then saved.


            Out of curiosity though is there any possible way to cut out the extra lines of swatch information in the code of the file?


            The file is 6.5MB due to all of the swatches and I cant seem to get it below the 5MB max for uploading files even after removing almost all of the swatches so if anyone would like me to email the file just send me an email.




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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              Yes you can use the recovery utility there is another thread that has the info about that.


              it is here



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                nin9999 Level 1

                Thanks very much Wade ill check that recovery utility out.

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                  Matthew Laun Adobe Employee

                  Michael Luan? Funny, I have a brother Michael, and one named Mark. My mother would go through all three names when trying to yell at any one of us.


                  There is now a tech doc on how to enable and apply the document recovery mode:



                  Not that this is what's needed just to get the document to a state where the PDF and native document representation can be read and edited as text (rather than compressed streams). Editing without an understanding of PDF syntax, and the native document representation, is likely to be very challenging. If you have questions for your particular case, enter an inquiry here along with a sample file.



                  Matthew (aka Michael, aka Mark)

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                    So i did the whole recovery thing and got a 0 byte file.


                    I was able to fix it with placing the document.

                    Make sure you uncheck the "Link" checkbox" when placing, otherwise you will not be able to edit.