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    Hunt: ...continued...


      Hey, for some reason I wasn't given an opportunity to reply so starting here...

      When my buddy first transferred the data from the camera's s x s cards, using his MAC computer, he put them on his external hd. When he attempted to transfer the data to my IOMEGA 250g external, the IOMEGA did not recognize the files. Turns out the IOMEGA out of the box was formatted for MAC but needed to be reformatted for PC. All in all there were 56 gigs of image and audio data that was transferred from the s x s cards (Sony's own memory cards) to his hd. I called Sony and they said his data would not work in NTFS, that I would have to partition 2 or 3 FAT 32 sub-drives for the IOMEGA to recognize the data. Once I did that the files transferred over flawlessly. I still have 171 gigs of space left over that is NTFS.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Ah, the Capture computer is a Mac. Now it makes sense. They can only read FAT-32 formatted PC HDD's. I'm still at a loss on the partitions, but if that worked, then something that is beyond my knowledge is required in this specific case.


          Sorry that I mentioned the NTSF conversion, but did not recall that the Capture computer was a Mac. That does make the difference.


          What I would do is search this forum for discussions on the P2 media. There have been quite a few threads, and some workflow suggestions. I do not use that media, so I have only read the threads on it. I believe that both Harm Millard and Jim Simon have been part of many of those discussions, so maybe add either name to the search criteria. Also, I'd rather have an expert with the media comment, since I've already shot myself in the foot on the FAT-32 issue.


          Good luck,




          PS if I can locate some of those threads, I'll post the links.

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            Thanks. No no, you didn't shoot yourself in the foot! I appreciate any help you could provide. Being a newbie, it's a lot to learn in a short amount of time. I just hope I can somehow figure out how to import the audio files, which were separated from the video at capture.

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              With this media, I am learning too, but mine is from reading the forum, as I'm not shooting it.


              I believe that Harm Millard does, so he would be a great resource. That was why I mentioned his name to look for. I do not think that Jim shoots it, but knows a great deal about most formats, hence his name.


              I have not found any threads yet, but will keep linking, as I know they are out there.


              Good luck,



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                Note: due to technical issues with the forum, this thread is a continuation of an earlier one HERE



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                  Hunt --


                  To which technical issues are you referring?

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                    I think the technical issues he was referring to was the fact that the REPLY button stopped being available in the previous thread.

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                      The OP was unable to use the Reply function from the original thread. It could have simply been that he got logged out (happens to me at the darnest times), or something else entirely different.


                      Since we had Part A of the thread, with some info, and Part B of the thread, I just added links to each other, rather than pester you, or Jeff to combine them. Not sure that I did the proper thing, so if you need to fuss at me, I can handle it.





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                        No problem, Hunt.


                        If this happens again to anyone, a screen shot would be useful to pass along to the system folk.

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                          Whenever it has happened to me, it's been a log-in issue. Sometimes I can go for days, and get automatically logged-in, when I open the forum and stay logged-in for the full day. Other times, I'll have to manually log-in for each session. Where I get nailed is when I have just posted and do have the Reply in the next thread, only to type a bunch, and when I do to "Post Message," I am no longer logged-in. Depending on the time frame, some of the text can be reclaimed, but often not.


                          Now, if I'm typing more than a few lines, I do it in WordPerfect, so I don't loose anything. I wish there was some sort of "warning bell," or even a pattern, but I cannot detect any, so far.