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    Drag and Drop and save changes

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I am attempting to make an application that gives users a vast selection of icons that they can drag and drop into their own area which act as links to sites once they are double clicked but when they are clicked a single time they bring up a panel which shows the name of the website, a video about the website, a link to the website and a description of the website.


      Similar to this example except whenever any of the icons are single clicked they will bring up an information panel or link to the relevant site if they are double clicked:-




      The drag and drop part is easy but I'm basically wondering what would be the best way to achieve this so that all data required is stored 'within' each icon? i.e. how can you store information such as a title and description within an icon so that it only appears once it is clicked and what would be the best possible component to use for the overall icon 'grid' and the icons themselves?


      This may sound silly but I've only just started using Flex and I'm simply looking for suggestions.