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    cfx custom tag using visual c++ 2008 express

    cpthk0 Level 1



      I have Visual C++ 2008 express edition to compile my custom cfx tag. Here are my steps:

      1. new project -> Win32 -> Win32 Project, enter project name

      2. Application Type: DLL, Finish

      3. Project -> properties -> C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories includes "C:\ColdFusion8\cfx\include"

      4. #include "cfx.h"

      4. Finish my code


      My problem is my code surely has the "void ProcessTagRequest(CCFXRequest* pRequest)" function, but after I register my cfx, my cfm keeps giving me an error message: "Native CFX library does not have a ProcessTagRequest entry point."


      I am guessing it's not a problem in my code, since I could compile my code no any error. I am guessing it's my visual c++ project setting problem, causing coldfusion unable to see my function. Any one has any clue?