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    E-mail form submission

      Hello Boy's!

      I am trying to get my contact form to record the input information and send it to a email address and then clear the form and play a message to indicate whether it sent or not?

      I have the email sending, but it doesn't record what is entered in the text fields?

      Also i'm trying to put a trace before the message code to identify my text field, and its just coming back as unidentified?

      If you could help me it would be fantastic, and i would be very great full ;0)
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          robin1232 Level 1
          maybe you could put your code here cause otherwise it will be really hard to help you
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            shaz-designer Level 1
            Yeah sorry that might help :)

            This is the code on the submit button itself :

            formData = new LoadVars();
            // Initialize formData variables:
            formData.fname = "";
            formData.email= "";
            formData.sname = "";
            formData.message = "";
            // Gather the order information into a LoadVars instance.
            //formData.fname = t1.text();
            //formData.sname = t3.text();
            //formData.email = t2.text();
            //formData.message = t4.text();
            // Create another LoadVars instance to receive the server's reply
            replyData = new LoadVars();
            // Initialize reply variable.
            replyData.fname = "";
            replyData.email = "";
            replyData.sname = "";
            replyData.message = "";
            // Specify a function to call when this new instance receives the reply.
            replyData.onLoad = handleReply;
            if (success){
            Try_this.text = "Submitting order, please wait...";
            Try_this.text = "Sorry your message could not be sent";

            // Submit the order data
            formData.sendAndLoad(" http://www.liquid11.co.uk/emailform.asp?fname=" + fname.text + "&Try_this=" + Try_this.text +"&sname=" +t3.text +"&email=" + t2.text +"&message=" +t4.text, replyData, "post");
            // Tell the user what's happening.


            If you need anything else let me know. :)