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    Installation nightmare


      Hi, has anyone encountered some problems while installing premiere elements? A year ago, I installed it and it worked fine. I reinstalled windows and this time I can't install premiere without getting crashes with the annoying blue screen of death each time I try to run the program. I uninstalled 3 times and cleared the registry of all i could see from the program but each time I reinstall it's the same.

      I tried to install it from my hard drive too as I thought that the cd may have been damaged but it's the same.

      Does someone know if there is anything that needs to be installed in order for premiere to work? Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          With a BSOD issue, you might want to look at this ARTICLE.


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            kittybrit Level 1

            Thanks for your answer but I'm wondering what I would do with the BSOD code if I manage to get it or info from event viewer. I won't understand what it means and who will?

            I've got to isolate the problem somehow.... i found this too http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/330/330722.html

            Thank you.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That KB article is a good one.


              What you do with the tools in the article that I linked to is to look for clues, like faulting modules, driver issues, other programs that are incorrectly reporting memory usage to Windows. Like I said, most of the "code," is of no use. It's the text with the above info, plus the links that will likely be provided, that you can usually trace your problem.


              A BSOD is a catastrophic event. Something is really wrong. I would strongly suspect that something else is causing this. That is what you will be looking for - clues to the mystery.


              Last BSOD that I had turned out to be a problem with a driver for my Maxtor external HDD. It was unnecessary, but Maxtor utilities installed it without asking. The Event Viewer provided me with a link to the MS site, and there was the Maxtor driver listed. I found it, removed it and all worked perfectly. Has for three years with no issues.


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                kittybrit Level 1

                I'm getting there slowly. After stopping the pc from rebooting I could see the details on the BSOD and it seems to come from RtkHDAud.sys

                Although, my system says that my Realtek audio is working fine, I intend to reinstall the driver and hopefully it will be like you with your Maxtor driver. So if i'm lucky enough to find this driver for my travelmate 4670 maybe the problem will disappear. I read on another forum of a guy who had the BSDO provoked by the same driver problem while starting another application.

                When searching for drivers all I come across is these driver scanning software but not the drivers themselves. I think Google should get onto it and make a driver database !!!

                Thanks for you help Hunt.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Realtek Audio drivers can be a big source of problems. These range from installation of almost any software, that uses Audio, to boot issues, to the functioning of any software, that uses Audio.


                  A simple OS update can render these (and Video drivers, as well) totally inoperable - obsolete. Fortunately, there are usually new drivers available quickly.


                  As you found, Google can be a quagmire of ads and one has to be very careful where they click. There are some sites for free drivers, and also some that feature drivers for sale, or through subscription. I always try to go to the source and get my drivers there. These are almost always free, clean of Trojans, etc., and then to work better.


                  With laptops and some desktops, mfgr's often use proprietary drivers, and updating these can be problematic. Some companies, like Dell, do a pretty good job at updating their proprietary drivers. Some, like Toshiba, do not. The user might have to go to a site that will help them "build" a proprietary driver from the newest ones from the Audio, or Video card/chip mfgr. This can be tricky, at best.


                  For Realtek drivers, I go to the SOURCE. Same with Video. If you have nVidia, go to their site. Same for ATI, and others.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    It's very important that your operating system, your RealTek drivers and Quicktime be completely up to day before you install the program!


                    This FAQ offers information on where and how to  update.



                    Your XP should be to SP3 with all available updates and Vista should be at SP2. You may need to visit Windows Update several times and manually check for all of the updates to get every one.