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    TextInput Compontent not firing events


      I have a TextInput element in my AIR application that isn't firing most events.  I'm trying to listen for the ENTER and KEY_DOWN but the functions that I attach to them aren't being triggered.  However, the function I attach to TEXT_INPUT *does* get triggered.


      So, unfortunately this problem is not regularly reproducible.  Most of my TextInput elements work fine but in this one situation the events are totally broken.  I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue or knows of a resolution to it.


      The main problem I'm trying to solve is to make an action occur when someone hits enter while typing in this TextInput.  I've also tried adding the defaultButton and defaultButtonEnabled attributes to both the TextInput element and most of its parents.  Those also don't work.


      One interesting thing that *is* happening is that when I press enter, it *does* trigger the KEY_DOWN event I have on the AIR application as a whole.



      Any thoughts?