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    Trial Intsaller Fails: "Checking System Profile..."

    devonvp Level 1

      i've downloaded the trials for both Premiere elements 7 and lightroom 2 and they've worked for me, but with Premiere pro 9 and Indesign i get the same problem when i'm trying to instal them. i go through the basic Akamai Downloader, wait for both files to load 100% then i lauch the installer. After it's finished extracting all the files, it opens a window called, "Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Installer: Initializing." Under the loading bar, it says, "Checking System Profile..." When the bar seems to get 90% complete, a new window opens up, and before i even get to see what the title says, it closes and the previous loading window is stuck on, seemingly, 90%. nothing new ever happened after that and i always have to use the windows task manager to close it. this is the same exact problem i had for the Indesign CS4 trial. i've tried installing each one over and over again, and i kept coming across the same problem every time


      Please! I really need help! i can't stand this! Thank you!