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    No Matrox presets after installing CS4?

    jbandy Level 1

      I just upgraded and installed CS4 to one of our Axio LE machines. 
      After installing I opened CS4 and started a new project but I noticed that there are no Matrox presets like there are in the CS3 version. In CS3 we had to use the Matrox presets to enable hardware acceleration. How do we get these presets back in CS4?
      Can we do it, and do we need to, or will the hardware acceleration still work? Is this normal? 
      I'm using windows XP.  The project preset we need is Matrox HD, 720p, HDV, 59.94.


      We do not yet want to install any beta version of Matrox axio 4.1 to work with the CS4 4.1.0 update and I have heard the combination of Matrox axio 4.0 utils and CS4  4.0.1 is terrible.


      Please help this is an emergency.
      Thank You!!!