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    Mask shows as light grey on print out... how to erase?


      Hi, having issues with illustrator and acrobat printing out what appears onscreen as invisible masks, but on paper the transparency becomes visible as a grey area surrounding the isolated item.


      If you use the coverflow viewing method on MacOS, you can see in their previews that the masked areas are a different color than the background behind them. When you open it up in illustrator (or acrobat), you can see no difference.


      The items began their life in the illustrator document as imported 24pngs with transparency toggled... the grey box appeared in the print. Then I traced a vector mask around them, using the masking method in illustrator... the grey box still appeared around the isolated element as if I'd never used the vector mask. I replaced the png with a jpg, placed within the mask... same box. Also, the effect 'drop shadow' also has a halo around it in the print, when it should be a smooth gradient from dark to background color.


      It seems there is some setting wrong with either illustrator, acrobat, or the printer. Can anybody help with this?