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    Where to go next...?

    caroline smells

      I dont have any experiance in webdesign but I picked up a copy of Flash a while back and have now created a website with funtioning buttons ect.

      I have done every part of it that I can with my limited knowlege and now I need a little help.


      Basically the ideas and design of the website are pretty solid and for it I need to know exactly what I need to know in order to create the following


      Databases - So that users can login and have their own pages.


      A shop page  - I need to know what kind of programming is needed to set up a page where i can list items and then direct people to somewhere like google checkout.


      Im assuming the above needs to be coded via another software but where do I start, is it Javascript, XML PHP or am I missing the ppoint completley and can be achieved within flash


      Please advise


      Im setting this out as a long term goal and am aiming to be a competant webdesigner so if I need to go back a few steps and learn another side of this inside out then Im happy to but please explain wheres a good place to start.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can probably accomplish all you want with Flash, though in a practical sense you are probably better off pursuing other web technologies since you would be limited to the dimensions of the Flash stage.  Most ecommerce aite would avoid Flash for product displays due to the large quantities of items offered.  If you would only have a few items for sale then Flash is a bit more reasonable to consider.  In any case, you are more likely to get good information via taking a course in ecommerce design or finding a forum that focuses on designing for that.


          To learn how to make Flash interact with databases, here's a link to a tutorial... http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play?id=20  If you go to the main page of that site (http://www.gotoandlearn.com) you'll find numerous tutorials that may be useful for what you might pursue.

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            AttaBoy2 Level 4

            You call yourself a designer but if you're very interested in databases and shopping carts you might be more of a web developer or maybe a designer-developer.  gotoandlearn that Ned mentioned has some very good tutorials aimed at accomplishing specific task and it's free.  In my opinion the best web design and development learning instution around is lynda.com they have around 40,000 tutorials mostly on everything Adobe.  It cost $25 a month.  If you want to learn about databases you may as well take a class in middleware you'll learn all you need to know about databases while studying middlewhere.  PHP is the hot middlewhere now you can learn that or if you want something a little lsss challenging you could try coldfusion.  If you want to be a master flasher then you should master as3 it takes a little getting used to but it's awsome.  While you're at it you might want to learn Flex.  Of course on the design side it's nice to be real good with photoshop and maybe illustrator etc.