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    PPT text color changing on import


      In the process of creating 7 projects from powerpoint presentations. All of the presentations were creating using the same layout, font, font colors etc.


      6 of the 7 presentaitons imported OK. There's one presentation when imported, all of the red colored text changes to aqua.


      Has anyone exprienced this?


      I'm using Captivate & Powerpoint 2003

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          macrofireball Level 3

          Hi there,


          I've seen this in Captivate 3. If changing the text color in the original PowerPoint file isn't possible then you could consider capturing your PowerPoint slides by recording your presentation as a demonstration. In order to be successful you will need to change the way you set up your PowerPoint show to do this:


          1. Go the Slide Show menu and choose Set Up Show

          2. Choose the Show type option Browsed by an individual (window)

          3. Uncheck the Show scrollbar option


          Now in Captivate choose Custom size and make sure that the red recording area cover your entire presentation, excluding the PowerPoint application window.


          I find that the best way to ensure I capture each slide correctly is to press the PrintScreen on my keyboard. This is known as manual capturing and makes sure that I can capture the exact screen action I am after.


          Best - Mark


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