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    Activation problem through proxy


      I have been tasked to package an installation for our company and am trying to find a way around all of our users getting the activation prompt. Authorization is not required for the package and our firewall prevents anyone from getting to the 'don't authorize this computer' prompt.


      Ideally I would like to be able to disable the setup assistant all together and if possible make so the end users also do not have to accept the EULA. At very least to stop calls coming into our service desk I need to enable the users to simply use the application without the authorize computer prompt.


      Unfortunately creating a new firewall rule to allow the setup assistant to get to the point where the user simply says 'Don't Authorize' is out of the question.


      Another issue I have come across (not really urgent) was not being able to find information about modifying the installation to remove the desktop and quick launch shortcuts. This can be done after the installer has run but I thought someone may have some golden nuggets of information about further customizing the original installer.


      I don't want to have to repackage the installation with winistall / installshield etc. to do what I need to.


      Our workstations all have XP Pro SP2, IE7.

      The country I'm from is Australia.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Every user on a computer is required to do the initial activation is required in order to use Digital Editions.  Activation in turn requires acces to adeactivate.adobe.com on port 80.  If you are not able to create the firewall rule to allow this, you will not be able to install and use Digital Editions.


          Note - the initial prompt is for the choice of either "Authorization" or "Activation" - the difference being that if you "Authorize" you activate your computer with a particular AdobeID, but if you just Activate, you are creating an anonymous account that the computer is activated to.  In either case the requires talking to the Adobe servers to do (adeactivate).

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            naprah Level 1

            Thanks for your response Jim,


            What I need is to find out how to automatically activate all installations before the user opens the software for the first time. Authorization is not required for anyone using this software within our organization.


            Surely if Adobe is serious about privacy and gives the option for children and users of public computers to only activate this software there should be a way for administrators to install the standalone application without having to modify the security and possibly the integrity of their network.


            I understand opening one port to one site may seem insignificant but it's just not possible to do this in our situation without unnecessarily tying up resources.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Unfortunately, the only way activation can be done is during the normal course of the first launch of the program.