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    .w3d sdk

      I am working with Maya and Bryce and trying to figure out if I can use w3d SDK to export files in the .w3d filetype. Anybody have any ideas about this? It would be nice if there was a list of programs that were compatible with w3d SDK. Also if you know of a way of saving or exporting .w3d files in Maya or Bryce let me know...I have definitely been struggling.
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          There were an exporter packaged with maya up until version 8. If you do have a that you can simply go into the plugin menu and check the load button next to the exporter. If you have a more recent version of Maya I belive you can export through polytrans. A quick google search also revealed a donation ware program calles Sw3dC that can convert from fbx to w3d, you could give that a try.

          Also I believe with the sdk you can use it to write your own exporter.
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            I don't know if this has Maya to W3D or not but I think it does; I've not used it in a while but had success with it in the past for other 3D file type xlation. HTH.

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