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    Problems with Enhanced CSS/Images Export in CS4

    rmanjoney Level 1

      Windows Platform, CS4, 10.03 Fireworks


      I installed the enhanced CSS/Images export stuff, but I cannot seem to get it working for the following scenario.


      I have a rounded rectangle with a drop shadow, and a top header, middle content area, and bottom footer. That's my desired target layout. Very very basic.


      1. I draw the rounded rectangle using the r-r primitive and give it a drop shadow.
      2. Slice off the top header - assign it as a bkgd image.
      3. Slice off a small center section for my dynamic content, and assign it as bkgd repeat y.
      4. Slice off the bottom footer, assign it as a bkgd image.


      1. Export to CSS.



      The resulting HTML is not what I expect. No matter what I do, the middle repeating area seems to get assigned as a background to the outer div that is generated for the rounded rectangle as you can see here in the capture of the resulting HTML in IE 8.



      I have followed the blogs on these techniques, and this "3 slice" technique is supposedly supported and FW is supposed to figure out what I'm trying to do, but I just can't seem to make it work. Can someone shed some light on this, or provide the steps to accomplish this pretty simple example? I attached the resuting PNG, HTML and CSS files.


      The article I am referencing in particular is located here:  http://www.adobe.com/devnet/fireworks/articles/standards_compliant_design_03.html and is titled, Creating standards-compliant web designs with Fireworks CS4.