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    trouble moving MCs with functions?

    shintashi Level 1

      I've got a movieclip connected to a check box, it's x position is supposed to be +100 if unchecked, and -100 x if checked.


      I have several movieclips with several check boxes along the same lines, and wrote up two functions.


      function Sh(card){
      navigation.tableu8.card._x = -63;


      function Hd(card, numx, numy){
      navigation.tableu8.card._x = -numx;
      navigation.tableu8.card._y = numy;


      These didn't work so I wrote this one to test if there was something wrong with using a function to move items, and it worked fine:


      function ShA(){
      navigation.tableu8.cA._x = -63;



      What can I do to avoid making 26 functions, ShA through ShZ ? Are there brackets or something I'm missing, or do I need to type "String" or "Number" somewhere? Or is this just impossible?