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    Newbie questions regarding HD editing


      I've used Premiere Pro since the 1.5 days, but now I have CS 4 (4.1) and I want to edit HD video.


      I have a Sony HDR-SR12 camcorder that I have set to record using AVC HD 16M (FH) with X.V. Color.


      My questions are:


      1) Is there a preset for CS4 that will control my camera, as there is for my old DCR-TRV240? I can't find one built-in the program.


      2) When I first enter CS4 to start a new project and it asks me for the Sequence Presets, which one should I use for the given camera and video format I listed above? Under the AVCHD menu there are submenues for 1080i, 1080p and 720i. Then there are further choices for 1080i25 (50i) with and without Anamorphic, 1080i30 (60i) with and without Anamorphic, the same holds true for the 1080p 24,25 and 30 presets!


      I am totally confused as to which preset to choose to get the best quality Blu-Ray (for myself) and standard DVD (for relatives without Blu-Ray capability) output.


      3) Is it safe to assume that when I output the edited video to standard DVD the viewers of this disc will see the black bars above and below the picture? Do I need to take anything else into consideration when burning to both formats with the same source material?


      Sorry for the ridiculously basic questions, but I don't know where else to ask.


      Thanks for any light you can shed on these issues.