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    Weird network printing problem




      I have, intel based, iMac and MacBook Pro, am using a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz for network, and I have an Epson RX580 printer connected to and shared from the iMac.


      As far as I can can tell all other programs print over my network.


      My wife dl'd the attached file and failed to print it from her laptop computer using Adobe Reader 9.1.


      After a bit of experimenting ...


      1) I opened print queue windows on both computers.  The print job appears on the laptop queue window and seems to be sent to the iMac, no error message, but nothing ever shows up on the iMac queue.


      2) Copied the file (attached) to the iMac and it prints from Adobe Reader and Apple's Preview, no problem.


      3) Tried the laptop's Preview program and the file prints over the network, no problem.


      Is there some setting? adjustment? in Reader I should be looking for?







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