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    Endless problems with contact email form


      [Woops - originally this was posted in AS 3]


      Hi there,


      I have tried about as many tutorials as I can find online to create a contact form within my flash that emails me when someone fills out the forms, including a very good step by step at VTC. What I have found is that most of these tutorials start with the assumption that you're creating the contact form on a blank flash canvas, which is reality, is not always the case. So while I am sometimes able to get the forms to work if I do it on a brand new Flash movie, the moment I try to recreate the form within my current flash file, it stops working. I have mostly tried to recreate the contact form as a seperate movie within my flash file on it's own layer and have tried placing the Submit button within the contact form movie and also outside of it - neither works of course.


      Could anyone steer my in the right direction? Using CS3 btw.

      Here's the info:

      So according the image, my contact form is called "mcForm" which is a movie clip within the larger .fla on its own layer.


      The actions that are associated with the 1st frame in the "actions" layer above are as the following:


      Here is the code itself repasted:





      var gatherForm:LoadVars = new LoadVars();


      //Send form function


      function sendForm():Void
          gatherForm.receipient = "my@email.com";
          gatherForm.realname = mc_form.txt_name.text;
          gatherForm.subject = "Form Results";
          gatherForm.email = mc_form.txt_email.text;
          gatherForm.comments = mc_form.txt_comments.text;


      //End send form


      //Begin button actions
      mc_form.btn_submit.onRelease = function():Void
          if(mc_form.txt_name.text == "")
      //End button actions




      Thanks so much for any help that can be provided

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          You should put all of your actionscript in one frame in the root.  Use trace statements to monitor what's happening.


          Here's example of tracing a function call and one of the loadVars:


          trace("sendForm() called");

          trace("mc_form.txt_name.text=" + mc_form.txt_name.text);


          I think if you get all your code in one place and use traces you can solve the problem.


          If that doesn't work, post your fla here.