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    Simple math operation - Help needed

      Hi, i have a simple mathematical operation to do, related to a shooping cart, which i want to keep simple.

      I have a input text box named QT1, where customers indicate quantity
      I have a dymanic text box, named ST1, where i want the value of QT1 to be multiplied by 10$ (hence 10)
      on the release of the button. I have a NaN answer. Here is the code.

      on (release) {
      var qt1:Number;
      st1 = qt1 * 10;

      And then, a grand total button will add ST1 + ST2 + ST3, with GT the name of the grand total dymamic box:

      on (release) {
      gt = st1 + st2 + st3;

      The second part works, but the first one, with QT1 is giving me a Nan (not a number) answer.

      Any help appreciated.