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    Disjointed swap image - flash object?


      I am pretty new to flash, so I apologize if I have posted in the wrong area or this is a redundant post, but I have plenty of experience with Photoshop, 3d rendering programs, and some experience with Dreamweaver.


      I would like to create an "about us" portion of a website similar to: www.rtkl.com/careers .  It looks as though it is a series of disjointed swap images, but there must be some Flash involved, and if you click on the image of each person it also acts as a hyperlink.  So, my question, could anyone point me in the correct direction of how I would create this for my website and to what degree of difficulty is involved. 


      Also any 'keywords' for searching or tutorials that would elaborate on the process of creating this would be appreciated.


      Thanks so much,