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    Setting up custom presets


      Now that version 4.1 more or less works for HD editing I have abandoned CS3. I would like to check that I am using the correct settings for my workflow. I capture HDV 1080p but convert it to square pixels as I capture it using 3rd party software. It also has a plug-in that gives me a 10 bit workflow in Premier. I edit at 1920 x 1080.  I do this because I use a lot of 3D and animation and it makes it much easier to put them together in After Effects if they are both using square pixels. There are fewer artifacts especially when rendered at 32 bit which is my normal output. I can make my own preset in Premier based on the AVCHD preset, that is 1080p with 5.1 sound for blue ray output but is there anything I should consider or know about when doing this. Is there anything different about AVCHD that would impinge on what I am doing or are these just general settings.