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    Problem in 7.0 Please help!


      I really need help with this by tomorrow. I hope it is in the right spot.


      I'm a wedding videographer by trade, and i've always used Adobe premiere for my videos, usually without a hitch. This time, however, I did nothing different, yet I got this error:


      runtime error: use of invalid editor "AuthorCore::SegmentEditorBase"


      I've never seen this, or any other error before. Does anybody know what this is, or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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          Kodebuster Level 3

          AuthorCore errors refers to the Menu software that Adobe licenses from Sonic (for use within PE).


          I could not find any specific references to this particular error, but Sonic Menu type errors tend to be unusually cryptic (which is another way of saying they are useless).


          One message on another Forum indicated that the issue surrounded Start and Stop Markers, but little else.


          Review closely your Menu Layout and make sure it Previews with no problems.


          You might also try a different Menu Template...

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I don't think we're going to be able to troubleshoot this in a few hours on the forum -- but there are things to try.


            It also looks like you've posted to several forums, so forgive me if I'm borrowing from them. This is a report I've never seen before either.


            Like kodedbuster suggests, I'd recommend you try another template and see if I get the same results.


            I'd also check my menu markers and ensure that they are all at least one second apart.


            Finally, do you have other DVD authoring software on your computer? (As a pro I assume you do.) If so, you can always export this video as an MPEG or an AVI in a pinch and use that software for creating the DVD.


            When I was stuck once, I grabbed DVD Architect Studio from Sony. The download costs a mere $39 -- and I had a terrific looking DVD from my Premiere Elements AVI in a few hours! (The program is very intuitive for basic authoring -- but also includes a lot of high level features.)


            I liked it so much, I wrote a book on it!


            Good luck.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As Kodebuster states, the authoring capabilities in both PE and Encore, are based on an abstraction layer treatment of the licensed Sonic AuthorCore. This is a modular set of code. As such, there are three levels of communication: the modules talk to each other and to the Adobe program. Then, the Adobe program talks to the OS. With these three levels, things can, and do, get confused. The modules do not communicate with each other, or with the Adobe program well. Then, the Adobe program doesn't quite know what to tell the OS. Also, the OS has no idea what, say a "Vobulator" is.


              At least you got some info, and like the others, I'd think that your DVD Project is causing the fault.


              There is likely something amiss with your Chapter Markers, and possibly the End Marker. As PE does a lot of its authoring in semi-automatic mode, it has to rely heavily on how, and how well, you set these Markers. I would completely redo all of the Markers, and try to eliminate the conflict.


              That semi-automatic aspect is one reason that I always use Encore for all of my DVD authoring - I have 100% control, within the DVD-specs. It is probably very similar with DVD Architect. I do not mind manually doing each link, as I have complete control of every aspect of the authoring.


              In my Projects, I edit by "Chapter," so that each Timeline in Encore is a separate Chapter, Exported from a Sequence from PrPro, or a Project from PE. I have no Markers, per se, and just manually do my linking and navigation by hand, to suit, using Playlists, where needed.


              You might get some assistance, if you would outline your Project, as completely as is possible. Then list the steps that you have performed to get to this point. A screen-cap of the entire Timeline would be helpful (use the little "camera" icon on the forum edit screen to "attach" the file). Maybe circle and point out each Marker and tell what you have set it to do. It is likely that someone will spot a problem quickly.


              Good luck,