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    [MX04] + [11] Undocumented projector options (Lock stage size...)

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      I use DMX It's been a long time since I made a projector and I came
      across those options like "Lock stage size"...

      I hoped the D11 documentation would include those new options, but it's
      just a cut and paste of DMX pages !

      There's a post on Livedocs that says :

      Thomas Higgins said on Apr 1, 2005 at 9:39 AM :
      All, for reference I'm the Technical Product Manager for Director and
      Shockwave and I make a lot of posts to LiveDocs, not as many are needed
      but I'm doing my best. I agree with folks that historically Macromedia
      has not done enough to ensure quality help content across all our
      products and unfortunately Director is suffering particularly bad in
      this release. While it's not an update in your hands I do believe that
      the company as a whole has heard the call to improve our documentation,
      hopefully we'll do better by you folks in the coming releases. Until
      then please keep an eye on the Director Developer Center for articles
      and updates between releases that might help cover these gaps.

      And that was three years ago...

      Is there any documentation somewhere ?