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    Premiere Pro CS3 stopped working


      running on mac pro. all of the sudden the timeline would not play a video. I tried other projects and other clips. The same. Move the cursor and refresh is slow but there. No moving playback at all, audio or video. I pulled the same video clip into FCP Express and it plays fine. The same clips play in quicktime. Other programs work fine. I reinstalled the software. Any ideas?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          When things work one day, but not the next, then something has changed. Unfortunately, the trick is to find out what has changed.


          One thing that happens often on the PC-side of the street is that OS updates can kill video and audio drivers. Because PrPro and FCP likely access the video sub-system differently, that could explain why one would work fine, but not the other. Have you had any OS updates that coincide with the failure of PrPro? Any new hardware or software?


          I have some trouble shooting tips, but they are for PC's and probalby do not have any equivilent on the Mac-side. Sorry.


          Do not know if Mac's have something like Windows' Restore Points, where one can roll back the OS to a previous date. This could help pinpoint an OS update, or the installation of other software, that is getting in the way.


          It sounds like you are getting the program to launch, but it is in a frozen state. You might want to investigate your OpenGL in your video sub-system. I know zero about how, or even if, Mac's use OpenGL, but this has caused some issues on PC's.


          Since I know little of Mac's, I'm only guessing and most of those guesses are filtered through the PC's.


          Good luck



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            scott1959 Level 1

            thanks for the response.


            I figured out the problem so thought I'd pass it on for the next person.

            This may be unique to mac, don't know, but in the premiere preferences,

            under media tab, there is a path to the media cache database. There is also

            a big button that says "clean" Hit that and wait about a minute or two, and

            problem solved.

            I was going back and forth with a fairly complex AE project, and editing the

            AE right out of Premiere. (amazing feature of the CS era.) That must build

            up a ton of cache files. I guess they just bog down the system. Anyway, pass

            it on.


            thanks again.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that you found the solution, and thank you for posting, as it will likely help someone else in the future.


              Unfortunately, I am only learning Mac-things from the fora, in hopes of helping someone else, regardless of the platform.