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    Moving logo question


      Hi all,


      I just purchased a web site about Baby Rockers and have not much experience with adobe products, i have used photoshop before at school / uni but never even looked at flash, if i purchase flash today how long would it take we to learn to make a moving logo that looked somewhat professional ?


      and does adobe provide any tutorials to learn from ?


      Thanks in advance for your replies, this means a lot to me, i like learning new things but $400- is a lot to pay not to be able to use it lol, but willing to learn i guess. Thanks

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should be able to get a trial version that you can use to see if you want to purchase it.


          There is no telling how long it might take you to learn how to use it--different people have different learning abilities, as well as different motivations which drive whether or not they really want to take the time to learn something.  Many people are self-trained in using Flash.


          I don't know of any specific training materials.  I have heard that the Flash documentation included some form of lessons, and that Adobe provides some kind of lessons (possibly at a cost), and that www.lynda .com provides some good tutorials for getting people started (at a cost).  Two of the most valuable learning reference tools you will have are the Flash help documents and the Google search services.  For most of what I know of Flash (which isn't everything) those two resources have been my primary information sources.  You should expect to lose hair and/or sleep and be baffled at times... that's also part of the learning process.

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            I've been learning Flash using Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom. It took me about three weeks to make it through the book and it's given me a basic understanding of how to use the software and write Flash apps.


            I highly recommend picking it up and working through it as a starting point.