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    How to create image swap buttons

    mcjack Level 1
      I'm not sure where to post this question, but it involves images and was wondering if Fw is the place to start.
      I want to create a retro car radio navigation for a web site. Old push-button radios usually had an indicator that travelled behind the numbers on the dial when you turned the tuner knob. Then, you could set a button to go to a specific station on the dial. My web site navigation uses an image of the radio on an old dashboard. When the buttons are clicked, the click state shows the button pushed in and the indicator shows above the pushed button on the dial when the user is sent to that web page. The button remains in its "pushed" state until another button is pushed, at which click the previous button returns to its "out" state and the second button clicked goes to the new page and shows its "pushed" state. And so on.

      I supposed there are multiple options to do this, but I'd like your recommendations on the fastest. I don't know javascript but I used to use ImageReady to do this and ImageReady would create the script in the generated html. Will Fw do this? Or is there some better way?

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          pixlor Level 4
          Yes, Fireworks will make menu bars, but there is a better way. It is much better to use Dreamweaver or another Web development tool, instead of a graphics application. Fireworks HTML is recommended for mockups and prototypes. The code it produces is fragile, very ugly and does not lend itself to future maintenance.

          Use Fireworks to create your images, then use Dreamweaver or similar to put together a robust and maintainable navigation menu.