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    Slow Illustrator document with many Illustrations: in what format to export ?

    Boris B

      Ok, here is my problem. I have a full page ad. which consists of many illustrations and is really slow to view. On my monster machine here the redraw is fairly ok, but I already had complaining clients about how "slow" it is to open the file. The file has many transparent gradients, Shadow Gradients (vector not the Adobe raster ones) and opacity masks. Now I can't reduce the complexity of the document because the client wants it.


      So fas so good, I can work with the file my machine is a monster and can handle it.


      But now the magazine in which the ad will be published has a point in the specification list which sounds like this:


      Logos, pictures and illustrations must be saved as TIFF EPS or JPEG files.(300dpi)


      another point is:


      All software used to create document must be Mac compatible


      What do they mean ? The document is a single large A4 illustration. Do they want me to save the whole document as .eps or can I send them the .ai ?

      And how can i make the document smaller ? I tried flattening because of the many transparencies and overlaying objects but Acrobat hangs when flattening the file. Help is appreciated ! Thank you in advance


      -B. Bonev