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    PE4: Rolling Title 'Hold'

    Pete Kingwell

      Good afternoon everyone, and thank you for reading my post.


      I am sure this is going to be a quick yes or no to those IN the know!


      I have inserted a Title to the timeline, edited it with all my rows of text and applied the 'Rolling' attribute to it.

      Before it comes naturally to a halt at the end of the roll (not set to End Off Screen) is there a way to make a section of that Roll PAUSE partway during the Roll?
      In simple terms (I'm not good at explaining, sorry) :

      The Titles scroll/roll from bottom to top of the screen - Is there a way to make this movement pause for a time, and then CONTINUE again?


      I cannot see any attributes within the Title Roll/Crawl options itself - So I was wondering if there was some cunning Keyframing that could be done to the actual title 'clip' using the Motion properties or something similar?



      With thanks, as always,