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    Pass parameters to a movieclip

    schuel2 Level 1
      I call new movie clip with

      initObj = new Object()
      initObj.recording = recording;
      initObj.motionDetection = motionDetection;
      initObj.timeRecord = timeRecord;
      _root.attachMovie("recordWindow","recordWindow_mc",_root.getNextHighestDepth(),{_x: 0, _y: 0}, initObj);

      Now in the code for the recordWindow movieclip I want to get the values I passed via initObj.

      Do I need an onLoad function? Would it contain these lines of code to get the parameter values passed to the movieclip?
      var motionDetection:Boolean = initObj.motionDetection;
      var timeRecord:Boolean = initObj.timeRecord;
      var recording:Boolean = initObj.recording;