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    Deleting Tracks based on rename, vs. "track 5"

    teloscientist Level 1

      I have renamed my tracks. However, when I go to "delete tracks," it doesn't list my renamed tracks, only the "track 5, track 6" etc.Hence I have to visually count each track to figure out what track it is, which isn't so bad when it is track 5, but sucks when it is track 27.


      is there a way to get it to list the tracks by my renamed values when I go into delete video tracks?


      Ditto with adding tracks. If I want to add a track between track 23 and track 23, but they are renamed, is there some best practice for figureing out where to add them? RIght now, I add it, see where it goes, delete it if it is in the wrong place (most often) then re"aim". This seems crazy that I can't right click on a track and add a track above it? O rclick on a track to delete it.  Am I missing something?