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    Evaluate Formula Stored in Database


      I'm trying to allow users to store formulas in a database field to allow them to create their own analysis page.


      I have set of variables that the user can use to create their formulas.


      The problem I'm coming across is that I can't get the database formula to evaluate.


      For example.


      I have the following variable that is already set.

           <cfset Cost = "12500">


      If my user decides to add a repair line to their analysis the formula could be saved in a database field name LineItemFormula and the formula would look something like this.

           Cost * 0.05


      Then when the repair line is diplayed I want to display and store the value:




      I can't seem to get the database formula to evaluate.


      I tried #evaluate(de(LineItemFormula))# but that just displays

           12500 * 0.05


      So I tried evaluating this new string and I get

           String index out of range: 0 null


      If anyone can give me some advice on what I'm doing wrong or if what I'm trying isn't possible I would appreciate it.