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    Keyframes and dragging sound line down to lessen volume...how ?

    envirographics Level 1

      HI, I seem to recall I could add control points on the volume line then drag it down to fade sound volume. Am I remembering a different program ?. I have fade to black but volume stays loud than suddenly as black clip arrives the volume is gone. Can I drag the volume line into varying degrees of slop to suit my desires ? How is it done, I cant seem to find a way to add the control points.


      For the moment I have drag/droped an audio transition but I would like to have more control myself, if I use the drag/dropped transiton, can I get at its controls and tweak them ?


      Ideally I would like to see individual video frames as thumbnails and place the points at more precise locations, not sure how one does that or if its possible.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are basically two ways to do this:


          1.) Clip Volume Effect (fixed) and it's easy to add the Keyframes in the Effects Control Panel, with first the "Stopwatch" and then the Keyframes to control the Volume.


          2.) Track Volume which addes the Keyframes to the entire Track, via the automation on the Audio Mixer. This will create an automated Effect, but it will create it for the Track. Should you later move the Clips, the Track Keyframes will remain as you placed them. Fot this, you will want to change the Send to Touch, or Write. Touch will revert to the original setting, when you release the mouse, and Write will continue for the Duration at you setting.


          Good luck,