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    problems with contact email form


      Hi there,


      So I've been having lots of problems with getting an email form to work in my flash website.


      The contact email form I've been attemping to get to work can be found here:



      When I start a new flash movie from scratch and follow the instructions on the site, everything works great. However, when I try to create this form within a movie symbol within my current flash site, nothing works at all. I've tried placing the submit button within the movie symbol and without and neither works. I guess my question is, why would this happen? In which circumstances would placing a form like this inside of a movie prevent the form from functioning? For instance, when I tes tthe movie, fill out the form and press the submit button, nothing happens.


      Can I get some advice for whether I need to rethink implementing this form into a current flash video and what things I should check for?


      Thanks so much!


      Using CS3 btw.