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    PE7 keeps crashing


      I've used PE (2? and 4) succesfully in the past but with a new camera for some underwater uses (Sanyo Xacti 2) recording in MP4 and a year old computer - (Sony All in one) Duo CPU 3 GHz, 4GB RAM, Vista 64 bit - I thought I should upgrade to PE7.  I have a SATA 455GB HD with 312GB available.  I successfully edfited and burned a dvd with the new camera and computer in PE4.  (Even though Vista doesn't garantee PE4 will run successfully).


      Here's what I've done so far.  Restarted computer numerous times.  Checked for updated video driver (Intel G45/G43 chipset).  Checked for updated QT.  Worked with a small file of 2-3 clips.


      Where should I start to troubleshoot PE7?


      Bob F