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    Jumpy/jerky transitions after DVD export


      I have a problem with jumpy movement - (using Premier Pro 2).


      My source material was mpeg2 from my DV camera.


      After exporting my project to DVD, the movement in most clips was jerky.


      After changing each clip individually to reverse the field order, the clips are now smooth, but the video transitions (crossfades) between the clips are jittery.


      Any help much appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I didn't realize you were using Premiere Pro when you posted your question, Peter. That changes things.


          There is a setting in Premiere Elements' preferences that will fix this.


          I don't know about Pro. We'll see if Hunt (who uses Pro) has any suggestions. Otherwise, it might be wise to post this problem to the Premiere Pro forum rather than the Premiere Elements forum.