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    Don't try to wing it! Read/view the many resources to get started

    charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Great to see Bolt..er..CFBuilder finally released for all the world to enjoy.


      As these forums open now, let me be the first to point something out: it's so tempting to just dive into new software and assume/hope you can just "figure it out". Whether you're new to Eclipse or are coming from CFEclipse, it really will pay tremendous dividends (as well as cut down on questions here) if you would check out the many resources to help get you started.


      First up is the manual/help for CFBuilder (available in both html and pdf form). At least skim them, but if you take the time to look you'll find there's a lot there both for those transitioning other from editors like Dreamweaver, HomeSite, and CF Studio (for whom Eclipse is new), as well as those coming from CFEclipse and/or Flex/FlashBuilder (for whom the Eclipse base is natural). Both audiences can find information to help them become more comfortable (what's familiar, what's different), as well as to learn new features not previously available in the other editor(s).


      Finally, don't miss that there are also several additional getting started resources, both printed and in video form, offered on the CFBuilder front page on labs. Look closely at both the "Getting Started" and "Community" tabs at the bottom of that page, each of which list different resources suited to getting you started. And the docs, and eventually more articles, will also let you go deeper than just getting started.


      Don't try to wing it, though. Check out these resources as the best way to get you going with checking out Bolt, regardless of your level of experience with Eclipse-based editors. Hope that's helpful.


      PS As long as we're discussing getting started resources, I'll have still another that I will announce soon on my blog. Especially If you're transitioning from older CFML editors to CFBuilder, you'll want to follow my CFBuilder category there or the corresponding RSS feed for the category.