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    Mouse events don't work when HTML Component in AIR is loaded with SWF files.


      We face the below mentioned problem. Attached herewith are code sample and simulation for the problem. Would be great if someone could help us.


      Due to problems with uploading the attachment here, please send a email to the following email-id (adobeattachments@gmail.com) and I shall send the attachment in response.


      * Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install  AIR_SWFClickEvent.air


      2. Problem: Click on HTML component, which is the box at topmost left corner with Blue header and white foreground. We have coded such that upon mouse click a alert message should be shown. Upon clicking anywhere in the box alert message should be displayed, but mouse event could not be sensed in HTML component hence alert message is not being displayed.


      3. * Expected Result:
      To Display an alert message on mouse click.


      4. * Actual Result:
      Alert message is not displayed on mouse click.


      5. * Any Workarounds: None"


      Thanks in advance.