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    Unable to change scene


      I was given a flash file for the header of a template site, but I am unable to change the movie/scene. No matter what changes I make when I test scene/movie I am not seeing any changes I have made. Even if I hide all layers and save when I test the scene nothing has changed. Needless to say I'm a noob, the only flash work I've done is making a banner that fades to different images.


      Can anyone help me out?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll have to describe the content you're trying to change and how it's put together if you want to see if anyone can help.

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            Rheves Level 1

            The layers only seem to have a simple loading animation and a flip as the background comes in, then a flat image of some text and items from a desk. When I play the scene/movie I see the loading/background come in, then each individual desk item drop down and the text pop into place. I don't understand why the movie that plays is different from the layers I see when I open the file.