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    'Cut to new layer' function for pixel selection.

    PimpOfPixels Level 1

      hey guys. This is a pretty minor feature, but it might be handy.

      The feature would be a single comand that could remove pixels from one layer and paste them into a new layer.

      CTL-X technically does this, but since CTL-X clears the selection, the paste has no guide in order paste the pixels into the same location.

      CTL-C, DEL, CTL-V , has the effect of cutting pixels from one layer into a new layer while preserving the selection, but it would be nice to have as a single command.


      The obvious shoice would be CTL-SHIFT-X, but that's liquify, and I like it there.

      So, I propose ALT-SHIFT-X. I know that the alt-shift combination is never ever used, but honestly, it's not a really importnant feature either


      Thanks for reading.