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    kadov tags survive?

    Cara Bereck Levy

      Salutations, Robogurus!


      I am currently evaluating RH8...and here is the scenario:


      1. I used KeyTools to decompile a .chm created in RH5 (wanted to shed all possible excess baggage from the original project).
      2. I opened the .hhp in RH8.
      3. I compiled a new .chm in RH8.


      Problem: the expanding DHTML did not expand...


      I took a peek at the HTML code--and saw:


        type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.2">//<![CDATA[


      Huh? Kadov tags? But...but...I thought they were dead!!!  Ok--so they snuck in through the backdoor....

      Am I correct in assuming that in order for the drop-downs to function properly, they must be removed?

      If so, what is the best way to remove them globally?


      Bottom line--how do I ensure that all my DHTML drop-downs...will drop down?


      Thanks to any and all who try to help!


      Cara Bereck Levy

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there 

          Yeah, I think the tags sneaked in through the back door. I think that if you
          were to have upgraded a project you would see fewer.

          As for the DHTML, you likely need to click Tools > Update (or upgrade) DHTML
          effects in topics. (don't have RoboHelp open at the moment so can't give you the
          exact verbiage.)

          Cheers! Rick


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            Cara Bereck Levy Level 1

            Hi Rick!


            First--thanks for answering my plea!


            Where things stand:

            I tried DHTML Update: nada.
            The project I decompiled from the .chm had all sorts of weird and wonderful feature, apart from the DHTML--those 'red script boxes' where all over...even where there was no script--like on my Heading 1!
            And many topics were simply corrupted....


            So I took my original project from RH5, and imported it into RH8. Well, the DHTML drop-downs survived. No red boxes.

            Only...a lot of the topics were blank--they have HTML, but no content. If I delete them them, and then reimport them...they are fine, links work, no problem. BTW, the kadov tags survive all!


            It is going to take a lot of checking, since this is a huge project...but, after searching the forums for the blank topic problem...it seems to be the best way to go about it.


            I must say I am curious as to why the decompiled .chm topics behaved so strangely...I guess there most be some weirdness in the code.


            Thanks again to Rick, and and to those who wrote me privately--may your projects remain incorruptible til the end of time :-)
            Cara Bereck Levy
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