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    AIR HTML Component - URL problem


      We face the below mentioned problem. Attached herewith are code sample and simulation for the problem. Would be great if someone could help us.


      Due to problems with uploading the attachment here, please send a email to the following email-id (adobeattachments@gmail.com) and I shall send the attachment in response.


      HTML Component provided in AIR is used to access different URLs one after another. When we switch from one URL to another, the previous link gets loaded prior to opening new link. Is there a way to trap events which is happening during loading of URLs.


      * Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Install  HTML_Component_TrapEvent.air and execute the code.
      2. Initially Home page is displayed.
      3. Click on anyone of the three buttons labeled: Yahoo, Google, Rediff.
      4. Respective website homepage is displayed. Wait till entire page is loaded. For example, assume Yahoo button is clicked, Yahoo website will be loaded.
      5. Click on Button labeled "Home". Home Page gets Loaded.
      6. Then click on Button labeled "Google". The HTML component with Previous web page (in this case Yahoo web page) is displayed until Google web page is loaded.


      * Expected Result:
      The HTML component last loaded should not be visible when the current component is loading. In other words, Yahoo website should not be visible when Google site is loaded.


      * Actual Result:
      The HTML component last loaded is displayed until the current component is loaded. Which means, Yahoo website is displayed until Google is loaded.


      * Any Workaround: NONE


      Thanks in advance.