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    CPU/Memory Usage increases when loading SWF files in AIR.


      We face the below mentioned problem. Would be great if someone could help us.


      Due to problems with uploading the attachment here, please send a email to the following email-id (adobeattachments@gmail.com) and I shall send the attachment in response.


      CPU/Memory usage increases drastically while moving the SWC components and loading the SWF Files.

      "Problem Description" - On executing the sample application, a window with multiple objects is shown. The loaded SWC components in flex consume too much Memory and CPU cycles. This is visible in TaskManager. On dragging one of the object, CPU  / memory usage increases drastically.


      "Steps to Reproduce" -
      Draggable window is placed at the bottom in the sample application with Text indication.
      Drag the indicated window.


      "Actual Result" - System's CPU usage increasing drastically  around 50% to 60 %.


      "Expected Result" - Drastical increase in memory\CPU should not occur.


      "Any Workarounds" - No"


      Thanks in advance.