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    Print Screen - not printing all contents of page.


      We face the below mentioned problem. Would be great if someone could help us.


      Due to problems with uploading the attachment here, please send a email to the following email-id (adobeattachments@gmail.com) and I shall send the attachment in response.


      Consider a FLEX User Interface with many objects in browser, how to print entire page using FLEX print classes? The printout should contain parts of the webpage which was not visible in the browser window but would have to scroll down to view."


      Problem Description - All the content in Screen are not printed.


      Steps to Reproduce -  Run sample application "MultipleJobPrintingIssue.air" (Get through email). DataGrid (with 6 records) and HTML Component (web page) are placed in the UI. Click on print button.


      Actual Result - Only the first component gets printed, the second HTML component is not printed.


      Expected Result - DataGrid with all six records and whole html content should be printed.


      Any Workarounds - None


      Thanks in advance.