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    flex problem in formatting pdf resultant layout

    Piyush Giri

      Hi All,
      I've created an application where I used Alive Pdf to generate pdf output to  save the design.
      But i'm facing a problem as the resultant pdf which shows the image is not coming proper and is being sliced at the corners end.
      the function called is shown as under:


      private function continueToPdf():void{
                       myPDF = new PDF(  Orientation.LANDSCAPE, Unit.MM, Size.LETTER );
                      myPDF.setDisplayMode ( Display.FULL_PAGE,Layout.SINGLE_PAGE);
                      myPDF.save( Method.REMOTE, "http://flexindia.org/designtool/create.php",Download.INLINE ,"drawing.pdf" );




      where layout_cnv is a canvas.
      Could anyone help me out with this.

      The screenshot for the problem attached with  this for the reference.

      Thanx in advance.


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